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Reopening of Salman Khan case in Supreme Court

Actor Salman Khan’s tyranny continues as he has now been slammed by a notice from the Supreme Court as to why his acquittal from the High Court in the 2002 hit-and-run case should not be reversed. Maharashtra government has challenged his acquittal and it now seems another long court battle for the actor. This truly is a mockery of the law that a 2002 year case has still not been settled and the mental pressure on Salman Khan I guess is many times more than if he would have been given a jail term of a few years as he would have completed his sentence and out of jail many years back. Court cases involves crores of rupees today by way of lawyer’s fees and other court chargers apart from other corrupt dubious means which we all are aware of. The case literally has lost all steam after almost one and half decades when many witnesses too would not be available and some who are available changing their stance.

I think to be fair to Salman, the case now needs closure and the Supreme Court should ask the actor to compensate the family of the dead by creating a fund for them and they can live happily with the interest earned out of it. With the present status and the time lag into the case, I don’t think Salman Khan can be punished, more so with the battery of top lawyers defending him. The actor on the other hand had always shown his willingness to support the victims family and this I feel would be fair arrangement!


S.N. Kabra

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