Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Respect other religions

This refers to your thought-provoking diary “We must respect all faith” (March 4).It reminded me a statement of Mahatma Gandhi who said that “Belief in one God is the cornerstone of all religions. But I do not foresee a time when there would be only one religion on earth in practice. In theory, since there is one God, there can be only one religion.” Gandhiji believes that Jesus was one of the greatest teachers, humanity has ever had. To his believers, he was God’s only begotten Son. People have their reasons in what they respect in faith and belief in and on the other hand some can be for with that belief. Many people may have seen that thing in real life. We should respect all faiths may be  some people don’t respect others faiths because they are scared, want to be right or just show true hatred. We observe that every religion faith preaches universal love towards all mankind and makes it incumbent on its devotees to practice good ethical behaviour as a matter of duty. But we all know that there is a wide gap between precepts and practice in this regard. Why, after all, respect for other religions faith should not come merely as a matter of good protocol, but it should arise spontaneously out of a deeper conviction of one’s own conceptual framework.


Vinod C. Dixit

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