Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Right to die with dignity

Indian judiciary march towards with revolutionary judgment. While the ruling is pragmatic and supports dignity of the individual facing the last personal frontier, it can be extensively abused if safeguards are not built in. The judgment delivered by the Constitution Bench of Apex Court, right to dignity, right to refuse treatment and die with dignity with specific reference to terminally ill patients to end their lives with passive euthanasia is welcome. It will not only avoid criminal liability but also save lot of money, time and energy by near and dear ones of the terminally ill relatives. It is wished that this decision may become valuable for entire society. Furthermore, suitable amendments are to be made in the Indian Criminal Laws. We were also writing in different papers that passive euthanasia should be legalised. This is necessary for terminally ill patients and also for patients suffering from incurable disease for a long time. The Supreme Court has done a remarkable job. It comes in the backdrop of all the accusations that they are not honest enough to look at legal issues in a dispassionate way. Every Indian ought to be proud about this. This is good for every Indian, who suffers from crucial disease; patients want to get relieved of that pain and mostly every doctor gives them a new life by using life support system but that is sometimes more painful for patients. By virtue of this judgement, number of patients can get reasonable relief from continuation of hospitalisation without any positive results. It comes within the purview of right to die.

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