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Road widening hits road block

Road widening project faces hurdle in Borivali (E) as a resident is unwilling to part with his land.

Lead-Road-2Residents of Trikush Nagar, Shrikrishna Nagar, Appasaheb Nagar from Borivali (E) have to bear the brunt of pot holed roles. After receiving several complaints from residents Bhaskar Khursange former corporator of NCP from Borivali (E) had intervened in this matter. For repairing potholes Khursange had taken several initiatives but he has been facing several hurdles as a resident named Ashok Karnik has been opposing the development work. As a result of this the work has been suspended.

Bhaskar Khursange spoke to AV and said, “For widening the road we need to acquire the land which is located near the road. In these areas some plots are earmarked for constructing bungalows. We requested them to allot some place for road widening purpose. Many persons have agreed to part with the land while some others are opposing.”

As per information provided by Bhaskar Khursange, bungalow no 105 owned by Mr Karnik is situated on the land which is required for road widening. Khursange and his team had requested Karnik to allot some space for the road widening project. They are willing to compensate him for the space provided by him. Karnik nonetheless is reluctant to part with his land.

“Karnik has filed a petition in the court and demanded for the stay in the road widening work. As a result of this people are facing huge hardships” says Khursange.

“We are willing to pay market price to Karnik for the land surrendered by him. Karnik has refused to accept this proposal and instead demanded alternate plot of land from them which is unacceptable to us.”

We require a plot measuring 10 to 15 feet for road widening work. Karnik refused to allot the land to us. Later we asked him to provide atleast 5 feet land for the project but he was adamant on his stand. Since Karnik had sought stay from the court hence contractors are unwilling to fill the potholes.

Local corporator, Shilpa Chaugle held Dr. Karnik responsible for the causing inconvenice to residents. She said, “We also need land for improving the drainage system. Unless and until the land is not allotted to us the work will not commence.”

Yesterday Khursange, Shilpa Chaugle, BMC official Pravin Shah and engineers visited the spot for inspection. Pravin Shah has asked officials to temporarily fill the pot holes. The work of filling the pot holes will be completed soon and the necessary materials required for the same has been procured.

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