Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Sad state of railways

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The accident on Mumbai’s local trains is increasing day by day. Life is unsafe in local train travel in this city. Mumbaikars will have to wait for years for an easier and safer commute. Overcrowding in the trains is the major cause for most of the accident. Some of them dare to travel on the top of the train and pay a heavy price for the same as well. Thus, commuting in Mumbai has never been pleasant. People fall from the footboard of the trains, while alighting or when getting into the train. Stone hits are very common and passengers lose their eyesight and sometimes suffer severe head injuries.  Even the overcrowded foot overbridge was the cause for a major stampede. It is time to redraw city’s travel map. In order to avoid such perils, the Railways and the Government must take quick action in reconstructing such old bridges. Really pained to mention about the major mishaps, wherein hundreds of thousands of people commute every day. The impending danger could have been avoided by attending such sensitive issues then and there instead of buying time and pay a heavy price for the same. Red-tapism took time to act in a swift manner and causing innumerable accidents in railways.

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