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Save our sparrows

Time and again people from all walks of life write about the dwindling population of sparrows and nothing has been done to increase its presence just like in case of Tiger. The save tiger campaign assumed greater importance and small bird like sparrow is totally forgotten all the while. The sparse population of sparrows in Mumbai in general and in Navi Mumbai in particular talked at length every time and no concrete steps have been taken by the bird lovers so far. The hue and cry continues for the last couple of years and the writing is on the wall. As a resident of Sanpada, Millennium Tower in sector 9 is on a mission to protect sparrows by providing Bamboo garden within the complex and the surroundings helped the bird to survive for a longer time from rain and shine.

The complex does have enough water resource to provide the birds with fresh water and the inmates of the tower feed the birds to make them more friendly with the people here. During summer season also such cool atmosphere encourages sparrows to survive and make hey at Millennium Towers and they never feel the absence of these birds even though there is news always about its dwindling population. As compared to previous year, the number of birds suffering from dehydration this year has gone up and the cases are coming much sooner than expected during this time of the year. We have the luxury and choice of eatables and liquids to beat the sweltering heat, but our feathered friends across the city are reeling under adverse effects of an early summer.

Summer season is more enervating and we should take up the case of sparrows from dying under the scorching heat this season. Save Sparrow campaign and remedial steps will do a world of good rather than just mentioning about the dwindling population of sparrow all the time. A study supported by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest, a few years ago, revealed that electromagnetic signals from cell phone towers are associated with the decline in the sparrow population in urban areas. World Sparrow Day is celebrated on March 20. The aim of marking this day is to stress on the need to conserve sparrows as once-ubiquitous. These little chirpy creatures are now seen in fewer places. Grow more plants as this may encourage some birds, who are common to that habitat, to come back. Talk to people living around your society to create awareness about sparrows. Discourage the use of excessive insecticides and pesticides in gardens. It is time to save sparrows just like Tiger. That is my clarion call.

C.K. Subramaniam

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