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‘Sena gives more importance to individual candidates’

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Dipti Bhatt is a Shiv Sena corporator from ward no 20 of Mira-Bhayander. She remains very active in social activities and has immensely contributed towards the development of the suburb. She focuses on women’s issues and works hard for delivering justice to them. Dipti also works for the welfare of students and has resolved issues pertaining to their travelling and education. She remains very disciplined and task-oriented woman. Our correspondent Gautam Korde spoke to Dipti Bhatt to know more about the work done by her and why she thinks Shiv Sena is a better party as compared to other political parties.

You have won corporator election thrice. According to you what are the issues faced by people from Mira-Bhayander?

Mira-Bhayander is expanding very fast and people from Mumbai are relocating to this suburb. We have taken steps to start local services from Mira -Bhayander to south Mumbai to ease the commuting woes of senior citizens. Even students board suburban trains to attend colleges in south Mumbai and suburbs. Government colleges must be established in Mira-Bhayander. More amenities must be provided to the citizens so they need not venture outside the suburb. We are taking steps to improve healthcare facilities. Since the BJP government is ruling centre and state it makes our task easy to get the work done. I am interacting with the municipal corporation, state government and doing follow up work.

Why do you think Shiv Sena is better party as compared to other political parties?

Shiv Sena has given more importance to the common man. Even a corporator gets respect in the party and Sena has always fought for the rights of Marathi speaking people. The party has always taken everyone together and has never crated discrimination against them. Our standing MLA Pratap Sarnaik has worked with many people and resolved several issues faced by residents. If any problem occurs any where in Mumbai or Maharashtra, Shiv Sainiks immediately intervene to resolve the matter. Groupism doesn’t exist in Sena and big leaders don’t interfere in the functioning of corporators. Only Sena can work for the development of Mira-Bhayander.

Does corruption exist in Mira-Bhayander? What is your take on it?

Corruption is prevalent everywhere and I don’t deny that. For curbing corruption efficient and honest people must work there. The common people are always blaming politicians for rising corruption, but it will be reduced when they join politics. I have always raised issues pertaining to irregularities in the award of tender and resolved them. The onus lies on every individual to eliminate corruption.

What is your comment about the 8 days ban imposed on meat in Mira-Bhayander during Jain fasting period which is creating several problems to citizens?

Mira-Bhayander is developing and we should respect the sentiments of every community. Some political parties are raking up this issue to gain political mileage which is unjustified. Residents of Mira-Bhayander are sensible and can effectively handle these issues. People should not rake up communal issues to create law-and-order problem.

Political parties are sidelining women centric issues in Mira-Bhayander? What steps will you take to address this issue?

We have appealed to the state government to generate employment opportunities to women in Mira-Bhayander. Since I am a woman corporator, I am aware about the issues faced by women and how it can be resolved. We are planning to support women and will continue to do so.

You have switched several parties. Do you think you have taken the right step and will people vote for you?

Yes. I had started my political career by joining Congress and later shifted to BJP and now I am contesting election from Shiv Sena ticket. I had quit BJP and Congress as there was too much pressure because of the senior leaders who used to interfere in my work. I was unable to take my own decisions. Sena gives more importance to independent candidates. Since I have won election thrice, I am confident of winning it for the fourth time. I have always worked for the welfare of citizens.

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