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Shaadi Ke Side Effects Review

Shaadi-Ke-Side-Effects-PosterThe unfeigned laughs, Vidya and Farhan and mostly the indelible realism that conjures up the crux of the story.

In over two and half hours, the film manages to to patch up its hovels and vindicate the negatives quite effortlessly. Goes without saying that Saket quite succeeds in sending us home with many heartfelt laughs and an extensively enjoyable time. For slumps and hiccups there were many inconsistent elements including a few flat tracks and a dull second half, but the pulsating chemistry of VidyaBalan and FarhanAkhtar makes this one a hard to miss indulgence of sorts!

FarhanAkhtar picks up a role perhaps quite different from what he seems to be and plays it to perfection in every frame. It is quite a challenge for an actor to master what isn’t his forte and Farhan is genuinely flawless in this role.

VidyaBalan’s irresistible enigma is what lures me about her. She makes even the nagging Trisha endearing and only an actress of her caliber can bring so many hues to a character which has the maximum risk of getting termed as caricature. She compliments Farhan by bringing on screen a potently refreshing chemistry at our disposal which holds through the screenplay even in its slack bits.
Ram Kapoor, RatiAgnihotri, IlaArun and mostly Vir Das are all incorrigibly wasted. It takes some caliber to waste someone who possesses VirDas’ prowess and the filmmaker does lamentably manage that.

I never feel the need to justify my ratings and reviews but this time I feel I owe to this film and my readers. Frankly, I love the first half of the film. It was gripping and taut, though unoriginal, I thought it was magnificently done. The vivid and sparkling chemistry of Vidya and Farhan manage to hold you through tight and still. However, in the second half, the film begins a journey downhill, slipping vigorously slide by slide, getting schmaltzy quite unjustifiably. But in the end it still manages to deliver a product that is overall a surprising winner of sorts. Hence I am going with a lenient 3/5 for this film that deteriorates into settling for being average in the second half but for the stellar first hour cannot be missed. Hopefully Saket’s next is something more cleverly coherent and mostly consistent without getting convoluted . Till then keep your expectations low and give this one a chance to entertain you!

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