Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Short and sweet message from Prime Minister

From Quit India to Build India movement which is under way in Prime Minister Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, India celebrated its 71st Independence with a ray of hope for a corrupt and stronger nation in the days to come. Demonetization and GST may have brought a lot of hardship for the citizens but all cures have to go through bitter pills and our country is seeing a revolution under a man who is respected around not just in India but is a powerful world leader.

Modi’s dream of a roof over every citizen, corrupt free nation, booming agricultural economy of prospering farmers, safety for women would become a reality if every citizen works towards a stronger nation in the spirit of cooperation and oneness. We have to remain united to take on the external forces be it Pakistan or other nations across the borders and a stronger economy is a not just a sign of prosperity but a message to the world to not take us lightly be it our security or otherwise.

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