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Six yard wonder and Supriya Sule

Supriya Sule has dragged herself into a saree controversy and it has become a Parliament joke. One thing came in open when the Parliament debates get repetitive the lady members try to flirt away from the subject and Saree has become a topic at times. It has come in open. Generally ladies likes to wear sarees and if they find some new pattern or design they are open to talk about the texture, the colour and at time about the border of the saree. In the fashion world, saree has assumed prominent place, with the womenfolk preferring the six yard wonder as the best dress for all the seasons. It is worth mentioning here that the women in Pakistan prefer sarees. By draping a saree around your body with proper matching blouse, you get the feeling of security and the posh look. The Kancheepuram Saree get the top spot but the chiffon and pure silk saris assumes greater look when you attend a function. The traditional dress saree is a household dress amongst Indian women living abroad also. The pallu and the pleats all give you a gorgeous appearance. There is nothing like a sari to make you look most elegant all the times. There is no doubt about it. But it has become the topic of Parliament and Supriya Sule has to eat her words to defend hereself from the controversy.

Nickhil Maniam

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