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Snakes shock swimmers

Snakes found in Ozone swimming pool at Goregaon as members panic.

Lead-swiming-poolA large snake measuring two and a half feet and small snake had entered inside Ozone swimming pool, Goregaon (W) on Thursday night when heavy rains had lashed the city. Frogs too had entered the pool. When children had visited the pool next day morning a child named Krish noticed the snake and he raised alarm. The swimming pool management had failed to provide training to children.

Our eminent reader who informed about this incident and eyewitness Dr Jacob Thomas said, “I called Just Dial and noted down the contact numbers of snake rescuers. However, the number was switched off while one of the call was connected to a laundry man. Later, a person named Anup attended the call but he provided the number of a person named Jaywant who failed to turn up for a long time. Thus the five numbers provided by Just Dial were switched off or turned out to be wrong numbers. The Ozone personnel then managed to catch the snake alive and put it inside a bag and later they released it in the jungle.”

Ramesh Mhatre an employee with Ozone Swimming pool said, “The creature was a water snake and it usually arrives during rainy season. Snakes entered the swimming pool at around 6 am and our staff had noticed it. Later officials removed the snakes from swimming pool and released those in the forest. There was no need to panic as it was a non poisonous snake.”

“Snakes usually are visible during the rainy season searching for frogs as their prey. Sometimes they enter the swimming pool too” he further added.
The management of Ozone swimming pool ruled out the possibility that the lives of children who visit the pool are at risk. According to them, coaches and lifeguards are deployed at the pool to rescue the lives of swimmers.

The Ozone swimming pool was founded by the Prabodhan trust and has Shiv Sena leader as one of its trustees. Two years ago two men were arrested in the aftermath of the death of a young boy who drowned at the swimming pool.

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