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Social media activism won’t solve real life problems

Taking advantage of social networking sites is not so easy to find amicable solutions for tackling social issues. For example, women face several problems and expressing their opinions through social media may result into adverse effects and at times face the wrath of public and police alike. The excessive usage of social sites is taking a heavy toll on the present day youngsters. Some of them spend more than five to six hours on internet and are addicted to social media. And add to this, the so called night life with hours of hangouts with so many bad vices to accomplish is not the be all and end all of life. Make hay when the sun shine is true. But that is not applicable in doing an encore in the name of night life with liquor, rave parties which mostly end in brawls there by resulting into law and order problems. It is time to go in a homely way of living life instead of promoting night life. The government must first will have to beef up security of the city and also deploy more police personnel in those areas where the night life plan in implemented. Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria and the BMC administration had recently given the nod for the night life.

When foreigners follow our culture to their advantage, we in India follow the foreign culture to spoil our lives. It is time to put an end to such a senseless name of Night Life and work for the betterment of individual excellence in life. Social activists are suffering because of death threats and daylight murders occurring on the streets. By using technology one should not become a victim of online abuse and see that postings in social media should serve the desired purpose. Internet is very useful and one should make use of it for the right cause.

Even by going off line you can project women’s issue by writing our views in letters to the editor column in news dailies. Taking short route to success may land you in trouble and face the wrath as women’s problem go live and travels faster through social media. Going off line will have more impact as you can project the issue with proper examples and pictorials to show the world the real issue and how to solve it instead of hitting the social media through Internet to move fast and face the consequences and the subsequent implications.

C.K Subramaniam

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