Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Sonia is sober in defeat

It is time for introspection for Sonia Gandhi and Congress party after the assembly election defeat in four states. As everybody expected that the mother-son combination would come out of the rut and perform creditably well within the party status, one more debacle and the failure is continuing for the Congress party at the National level. A postmortem needs to be conducted for successive defeats in assembly and parliamentary elections and Sonia as the leader of the party could not stop the slide so far. Rahul Gandhi’s ineffective ways of functioning is the root cause for the party’s mediocre performance in assembly election. Today the Congress party is in doldrums.  Now Sonia is trying to defend her son by saying that the failure is not permanent and there are chances of recovery. It is more than two years after the 2014 debacle in the parliamentary election and there was enough time to come to term with party affairs and play a pivotal role to stop the slide. Just by blaming the opposition is not going to help the party’s cause. Now the party cadres are questioning the high command urging them to be more proactive to repair the damages rather than remaining as a sorry spectator. It is now or never situation and it is time to re-emerge as a striking force rather than remaining sober all the time.

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