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Sri Sri steals the show

Are we not finding it difficult to organize a function of even small scale without much trouble? If a person is not worthwhile listening to of his preaching or does he not have essence in what he says or understood by himself, I do not think people are fools to listen to him or the whole world that falls before him with so much admiration and respect.

Please note, I am not a strict follower of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or the likes. However, I got awestruck when I attended his programmes in Dubai. The spiritual leader’s devotees sponsors this programme on a weekly rotation basis. When you listen to the bhajans sung in Hindi, in a moment, you simply fall asleep because of its sweetness and the people singing it with their melodious voices. In nutshell, the programmes are conducted with dignity, pride and respect to the Guruji.

AoL is a widespread organization whose name and fame have been spread to leaps and bounds all over the World. What I feel is believing in something with complete devotion matters and that helps overcome many hurdles in life. Here his devotees have complete faith in him. He believes in humanity above all and tries to unite every caste, creed and religion to move on together and progress together. To attract this kind of public gathering, definitely one must be respected to that extent, otherwise it is next to impossible to do so. One must visit his Ashram in Whitefield in Bangalore and observe the rituals being conducted there in a disciplined and dignified way to vouch for this Organization and their activities. Anyway, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar steals the show in the three day event inaugurated by PM Modi.


S Abhishek Ramaswamy

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