Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Stop, Drop and Shop at mid-night

Shopping is really a passion and both ladies and gents enjoy shopping during festivities. With introduction of credit/debit cards and kiosks at every shopping points, it is not difficult to draw money and do shopping. However, the recent stricture passed to open restaurants and hyper malls paves way for dine and shop all night and there are no restrictions from now on. Shopping malls offer great discounts — from 50 to 60 per cent to woo the customers during Christmas and New Year. It is best time for shopkeepers to move their running stock by offering slash in prices and mid-night sale cater to the needs of the present generation of people. Somehow, the customers enjoy these night services for the first time just like in Dubai and other places and that will provide an opportunity to stop, drop and shop during odd hours. Lots of freebies will be given to attract customers initially. But it is time to take care of your wallets as night outing is not really safe to go for shopping in metro city like Mumbai. It was a welcome one to try out this shopping at mid-night but the liquor shops are not given permission to sell the stuff during this period and the old restrictions apply as before.

Rugmani Krishnan

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