Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Subramanian Swamy’s controversial statements

We look upon the economy to grow up and hit a purple patch with new developmental project on the anvil in recent times. The limping economy has come up to a stable level and the rating position is improving thick and fast comparing what it was a couple of years ago. When everything is going smoothly and looking for great revival of our economy, Subramanian Swamy opened up his mind and now it is fresh salvo for the political warfare as we counter a state of intolerance in this country. There is no doubt that Rajan was instrumental in reviving Indian economy and deserves all praise.  The recently appointed Rajya Sabha member Dr. Swamy feels he is having a whip hand after becoming a member of Parliament. The problem with him is that he oversteps all his authority and puts BJP on the back foot by issuing controversial comments. If it is a matter of row between the Congress and the BJP which compelled him to issue a sarcastic statement, then Dr. Rajan ought to have been changed at the first instance when Modi took charge of the Government two years back. Swamy needs to be given an ultimatum, not to pass loose comments in the Rajya Sabha and the PM is a silent partner all the time in a democracy like India.

S. Abhishek Ramaswamy

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