Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Suicidal point

Mantralaya complex has become haunted place for suicides as people are dying one after another in haste at this spot time and again. This time a convict on parole choose the place for his suicide. Despite all the concern about the security in a place VIPs are treading through, such a careless way of monitoring security aspect is a worrisome. Dejected people choose this place for committing suicide and thus gaining political importance as well. Thus, the Mantralaya seems to be becoming a favourite hunting spot of those wishing to end their lives and draw attention to their last minute machinations. The death of the youth by jumping from 5th floor and that of a resident through dousing all have given rise to the haunted place becoming slowly a suicidal spot. Lack in security measures and an easy access — all have helped out the cause and the opposition will blame the lack of security in a restricted place. In spite of taking all precautionary measures, including that of verifying photo identity card, it did not yield the desired result and suicide is part and parcel of this spot. It is time to beef up security to avoid any further loss through suicides at Mantralaya.

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