Friday, September 24, 2021
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Survival of the fittest

After all what has happened in Uri and the aftermath retaliation by the Indian Army, our national politicos both from the “chest thumping” right, “ever suspicious centre (Congress) and the “never Indian” Leftists are making their best attempting for gaining political mileage of the event. None thought for a moment of the 19 brave jawans who laid down their lives for the nation or the other men of valour who safeguard our borders everyday. It all started from the Award Wapsi controversy, continued with intolerance and now politicians are cashing in on surgical strike incident. How long will we try to make mountain out of molehill and cook stories to the advantage of the opposition parties. In other countries opposition is helping out the human cause and constrained to go only for rare and useful constructive criticism and not for constant pricking by the so called opportunists. We in India have a lot of spare time and that leads to all this useless conversation. We can even call it a devil’s mind. The chorus is joined by actors and artistes and that makes the matter most miserable. Using typical slang against the government is not an achievement and one should work for the development of the nation. We are in a destructive mood most of the time and that lead to separate ourselves from the mainstream. When we will learn to stay united? In a satellite world we are going back to primitive days and do not know the difference between truth and false. We try to remain in limelight just like our film stars. Cheap politics is taking centrestage and how will be conduct ourselves. William Shakespeare wrote that all the world is a stage.

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