Monday, July 26, 2021
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Take action against electricity pilferers

The BSES team which had gone to Zurzuri Village in Najfgad (New Delhi) area to stop the large-scale electricity pilferage that was happening there was attacked by the village youth in the presence of the Police. An engineer lost his life in this incident. We can see these type of incidents happening in many places in our country where the culprits have the audacity to attack the law enforcers with impunity. This methodology of pilfering electricity and attacking those who come to nab the pilferers is seen throughout the country. This method is especially used in the villages. The sad part is that till date no method to handle this situation has been found. Hence these electricity thieves are easily able to get free electricity. They neither have to worry about paying the Bill nor do they have to worry about the person who comes to warn them about their actions. Instead they are a cause of worry for the electricity boards. As the electricity is used but the payment for the usage is not received. This deficit is a source of headache for the nation. It is necessary to pay for the utilities that we use.  

Jayesh Rane

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