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The dilemma of being overweight

When I go to the gym early in the morning, I notice some newcomers who seem very enthusiastic to achieve their goals. I generally hear them talking about diet and which exercise could prove to be beneficial. On the other hand, I find a group of girls not too fat but D shaped with belly fat, huge arms, some with heavy breast, or bloated lower body. All of them are struggling, jumping hopping, skipping like pigs and I am one of them. Gym is the perfect place to energize and feel fresh for the entire day. At the same time, it’s just a hidden den of many frustrated souls who can never loose pounds.

Jealous competitor
Fat lady on walker and a very fit and slim lady on another, you should always witness the first stare they give to each other. Eventually it turns in to a mini competition. Obviously the fat lady will be walking because she cannot run but her fitter counterpart will run which creates insecurity for the former. She doesn’t want to be left behind and starts jogging. As soon as the slim lady increases the speed the fat woman too emulates her. The fat woman might be thinking that “She is running as she is slim but she is anorexic”

Gym flirt
Obviously fitness center are famous for hot trainers. If a woman notice a hot trainer giving importance to the other girl who is better looking then there are involved in a tug of war. So these women try to fit into skinny clothes to display their curves. They stand next to the trainer who is busy training the beautiful girl and start distracting him by bending too much. They arch more than their capacity and start exercising by using heavy weights and pretend that those weights are unbearable. They also start moaning Ahh.. Ahhh.. ohh God… as the trainer intervenes and starts helping them and believe me some women literally moan.

If there are women then gossips are bound to happen. If some woman remains absent from the gym these ladies start gossiping while cycling and say “Hey she hasn’t come today”

A woman performing shavasan replies, “Oh yes. I have heard that she is having some disputes with her family.”

Followed by whispers “I heard it’s all about her husband”

“Oh my god I knew about it. I was reminding her about it but she was reluctant. I hope she knows the truth now I guess we should go and meet her once”

“Yes we should inquire with the trainer about the reason behind her absence he might be aware of it.” Later, they learn that the woman has gone for a trip along with her husband.

The lady performing shavasan gets up with a weird look and goes to the changing room. She says “That woman who is cycling inside is a bit mad she always talks about our husbands. I guess she is not satisfied with her husband” with a bad sarcastic smile. Believe me I have witnessed more than this.

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