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The other side of “Women Achievers”

Newsmakers felicitates hardworking women for serving the society without expecting anything in return.

Womens-day-leadAll over the world, Women’s day is celebrated with great pomp and many famous, prominent females are felicitated at different places. But here Newsmakers felicitates those unsung ‘shereos’ who work endlessly without any anticipation of receiving some award or certificate of appreciation. For them, a simple ‘thank you’ gesture holds great value. Many of them are working at the grassroots level and are challenging the old norms of the society. Earlier women used to remain confined within the four walls of the house. With the passage of time, things started changing after they started receiving better education thereby creating better employment opportunities for them.

Today women are managing their office and household duties amicably. Educated women provide financial stability to their family and also play a vital role in the upbringing of their children. Indian woman is emerging out of their conventional role, realizing their unlimited potential and have begun to take major role in all walks of life. These women are breaking the gender equality prevalent in the society. Many of them are performing good job in politics, social sector, judiciary, healthcare, law & order and other fields.

Afternoon Voice felicitated Mugdha Nalavade, Founder – Viklang Kalyankari Sanstha, Sneha Mohan Dhombale, Traffic Constable and Advocate Babita Kesharwani for breaking stereotypes and making vital contribution to the development of the nation.

Mugdha Nalavade, Founder of Viklang Kalyankari Sanstha said, “I have two differently-abled children and my daughter-in-law is also deaf-and-dumb. I had taken a lot of trouble to bring them up. Government should provide financial assistance to those families whose kids are handicapped as many of them are not financially stable.”

“There should be a college specially meant for deaf and dumb children so that they can pursue their education. The government should provide them employment opportunities so that they can run their family smoothly” she said.

Sneha Mohan Dhombale, Traffic Constable said, “I have to undergo several difficulties while discharging my duties. Sometimes rickshaw drivers behave in a mischievous manner after seeing a lady constable. Besides this, I also intervene whenever I notice any guy misbehaving with women. Being a lady traffic constable on such a busy stretch is not an easy job.”

Advocate Babita Kesharwani said, “I work for the empowerment of women and Dalits. Dalit women are exploited but many cases go unreported. Today media and education has played a vital role in the upliftment of socially backward women.”

“Today people say that women misuse section 354 and 498 but tell me which law in India has not been misused? Every action of the woman is being watched by the Indian society” she added.

Vaidehi Taman, Editor–In-Chief, Newsmakers Broadcasting Communication Pvt. Ltd said, “We being in parallel media, our aim is always to fight odds by acknowledging these unsung heroes who are selflessly contributing towards society and fellow-humans. I wish our little encouragement gives them the platform and resource to expand their services.”

Najumal Hasan Rizvi, Deputy Editor said, “We felicitate the common, hard-working ladies who go about serving the people without expecting anything in return. They don’t want any publicity or fame but just a word of appreciation makes their day.”

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