Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Time for India to retaliate against Pakistan

Beheading soldiers even at war is cruelty of the top order and Pakistan has crossed all boundaries by chopping the heads of two Indian soldiers which our nation cannot ignore for long. It truly is a shame on a nation of over one and half billion people and time for India to retaliate and teach Pakistan a lesson in the language they understand by calling a warfare to end this daily tension on the borders. All like-minded nations should come on a common platform and plan out a strategy to teach a few of the nations that propagate terrorism as most nations globally have been affected by acts of terror.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known to take tough decisions and it is now or never to strike against our hostile nation as we cannot be a spectator when our armed men are mutilated at regular intervals on the borders. A warfare does come at a cost and it sure would be an setback on the economy but terrorism has to be ended if future generations have to live in peace. The important Defence Minister portfolio now retained by our Finance Minister too should be filled at the earliest so that important decisions concerning security of the nation cannot be compromised or taken lightly

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