Friday, June 18, 2021
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Time testing methods are the need of the hour

Pollution monitoring system could not touch desired level and it is not the correct way of checking. Monitoring of pollution level should be to the nearest to the actual position and not just a routine check up just to show on record.  Despite having latest, modern and state of art of technology we find accurate measurement could not be achieved. Real time monitoring system should provide the correct data for monitoring and follow up. During the dry month April, the pollution level reach peak and it is a cause of worry as people are diagnosed with all the types of diseases during the hot months. The air quality in the metro city is not up to the mark and constant monitoring can give rise to an improved level with timely measures. We find in India the number of vehicles causes all the problem and the motor riders are not worried to get PUC done on periodical basis. Thus we are at the receiving end most of the time. Traffic congestion not only increases the pollution level but touch a new high when you check it up during busy hours of Mumbai. It is time to have better data recording, proper maintenance and measures to improve the air level and save the people from high level pollution. Time testing methods are the need of the hour.

S. Abhishek Ramaswamy

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