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Toll for potholes

Travelling on the potholed Aarey Milk Colony road becomes a nightmare for commuters who have been paying toll for using it.

Lead-Aarey-ColonyCommuters who have been paying toll for using the Aarey Milk Colony are unhappy with the shoddy work done by the PWD officials. According to them what is the purpose of paying toll when potholes are visible everywhere. Even though the road was repaired five months ago but its condition has deteriorated after heavy rains lashed the city. As a result of this, commuters have to undergo severe hardships everyday.

Lead-roopalRupal Mistry, a commuter who uses this road is unhappy with the deplorable condition of roads. She said, “During heavy rains and rush hour the extremely bad road conditions and poor internal traffic management makes travelling on this route a nightmare. Deep water filled potholes has caused several accidents and also have damaged vehicles. Also there is no internal water channeling within the fields which makes the water overflow heavily on the roads.”

“Rickshaws refuse to ply on this route due to poor road conditions adding to the regular commuters’ woes. Their feeble attempts to fill potholes with rocks make them worse and it high time they take expert advice and concretize all internal routes”, added Rupal.

Lead-DharmendraMotorist Dharmendra Jain who travel everyday from here said, “I pay money at toll plaza hence I expect good service from them. The contractor has been minting approximately 50 crore every year but roads are poorly maintained.”

Commuters also have been complaining about the inadequate street lighting. Prashant Patil said, “Street lights don’t function at night hence it becomes difficult drive vehicles at night on this road.”

Lead-DeepakMotorists use this road to go Powai and Marol Naka from the western suburbs if they want to avoid the highways. However, it proves costly for them. Substandard materials have been used for road maintenance. Deepak Panchal, a four wheeler driver said,” There is a possibility that the authorities are indulging in corruption. How can potholes appear on a road which was repaired few months back? The condition of roads has become miserable with rising potholes even though toll is being levied on commuters. On the other hand, the roads in other areas of the city are well maintained.”

Before the onset of rains, instructions were issued to the concerned official to repair the roads. However, they turned a blind eye towards this issue.

Aarey Diary CEO L R Bhosle said, “Before the arrival of monsoon we had sent reminders to the concerned officials to ensure that roads were maintained properly but we failed to receive satisfactory responses from them.”

Lead-AkhileshCommuters have been complaining that autorickshaw drivers often refuse to ply on this road. When we spoke to auto rickshaw driver Akhilesh Prajapati about this issue he replied, “Pot holes have become so big that there is a possibility of our vehicle getting damanged after plying on this road. We will have to incur huge expenditure to repair the auto which is not feasible.”

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