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Tree trimming- A clarion call

NMMC has taken tree trimming work in good earnest and it is good sign before the arrival of monsoon rains. There is need to cut and prune trees in a proper way mostly done during pre-monsoon days. Accidents occurred during monsoon with heavy rains and sea wind blowing across the city is causing innumerable problems to the pedestrians, passers-by and vehicles parked in the shade.  The regular operation of removing enhanced portion of the trees has taken place even before the onset of monsoon.  In Mumbai chopping of extra portion of trees is taking place as a routine operation and Navi Mumbai should also follow suit in full swing. NMMC is paying much interest to cut down trees and that is a major reason for less number of accidents.  With tree branches obstructing the view of the street lights we find sufficient light in the streets. It is time to have retrospection in this regard. The street lights did not go far as they form a shadow with tree branches coming on the way and obstruct the light, making the roads dark when power is on.

The civic body took timely step of pruning trees only in certain areas and other places are neglected totally. Cutting of trees is an offence but when it is gives trouble to people a drastic step has to be taken. At many focal points trees have been grown on footpaths reducing the size of the platform and branches falling on the head of passers-by during inclement weather. The Corporation did yeomen service and it should take measures to avoid trees falling on vehicles and human beings. Small trees between lanes used as dividers need to be trimmed. The centre divider should be reduced to the minimum to give more space to the commuters travelling by cars and two wheelers. Vehicles were damaged totally and there were loss of human life due to the falling of trees. In Mumbai such tree falls caused human deaths and loss of limps.  The weeds of the trees project outside the platform causing major falls in the past. Tilting trees is a nuisance to the people using the edge of the platforms.  It is my clarion call to act fast before the situation goes off hand and cause total darkness in the street. The debris after the tree cutting needs to be removed to safer places and avoid obstruction in pathways and roads.

C. K. Subramaniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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