Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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UK becoming a safe haven for those ‘Wanted’ in India!

Everyone knew it but now it is official that Vijay Mallya has fled the country which has now been confirmed by the Attorney General to the Supreme Court bench. United Kingdom (UK) has become a safe haven for those ‘Wanted’ in India by various investigating agencies here. Lalit Modi mastermind of IPL scam, Nadeem wanted in a high profile murder case and now Vijay Mallya wanted in financial fraud have all taken shelter in UK and it is really surprising that the Indian government cannot do much inspite of having great relation with that nation. The rich and the powerful are sad and Mallya has fled the country not because he cannot be questioned in financial misdeeds but because they would miss his page 3 parties, his hospitality on jet and Yatch parties and off course at IPL games and pre and post-match celebrations.

India is a soft sovereign state and how can we ever expect to nab high profile dons and terrorist enjoying Pakistani hospitality in our enemy nation when we cannot even bring back white collared law breakers living a life of luxury in a nation like UK with whom we share very cordial and good relations?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has very good relations with world leaders including those from UK. Time for Modi to break the ice and not just visit foreign soils for pleasure but talk tough with his counterparts abroad and make necessary amendment in bilateral laws between two nations so that those ‘Wanted’ in our country for various crimes and hiding abroad can be brought back to our shores with ease! High profile criminals flee the country and stay abroad tension free with the blessings of the powerful politicians and PM Modi also needs to improve governance here to stop this nonsense!

S.N. Kabra

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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