UP being run by hooligans


People of Uttar Pradesh vote at the caucuses just as the rest of India but obviously they are blind because it’s a state run by illiterate ruffians. What makes them vote for leaders like former Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadhav who, issues a statement “Mardon se ye chothi motti galityan hoti raheti hain” when rapes occur. Now his son Akhilesh Yadav is the CM of UP. Every other day we hear about rape cases occurring in the state and more in a village called Badaun. There are so many that we’ve lost count. In a stretch of a fortnight four girls had hanged themselves. There is a dire need for the Centre to ensure that they make the state police more vigilant.

When Lokayukta justice (retd) NK Mehrotra launched a probe in December against Mining Minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati last year after one Om Shankar Dwivedi filed a 1,727-page complaint giving details of ill-gotten property belonging to the State Mining Minister in which the department issued as many as 18 licenses in forest area without the mandatory environmental clearance and said that since the order came from the minister, the contractors were not stopped from carrying out illegal mining.

Prajapati, including his kin an influential minister in the Samajwadi Party government of Akhilesh Yadav, is accused of allegedly amassing property worth Rs 900 crore by misusing his office and has usurped illegally out of a 2200-acre mining area in Jalaun district, wherein the mining department allotted 1,600 acre to one RC Mishra, known to be a close associate of the mining minister. The Lokayukta said that “the fake companies floated by the minister and members of the syndicate are being closed (down) after I started the inquiry. Even money is being withdrawn from bank accounts to escape charges.”

Justice Malhotra had already asked the minister’s wife and two sons to appear before him on January 8. When Nutan Thakur and her IPS officer husband Amitabh Thakur lodged a disproportionate assets case against the state mining minister with the Lokayukta they received a threat call asking them to stay away from the Lokayukta complaint against the minister. So Prajapati takes his case to Mulayam Singh who calls Thakur and tells him that he met his mother who said that he should take care of him. What shameless temerity! He would suffer from worst consequences if he did not mend his ways. He told him that whatever had happened in Jasrana, Firozabad, where Thakur had been assaulted by one of his relative and an MLA in 2006, much harsher things would happen if he didn’t ‘mend his ways’. Later, in May, complaints against Amitabh Thakur, were lodged with the UPSWC. (UP state women Commission) ‘Suddenly a rape charge has been slapped on him.’

The Thakur couple discovered that the two women who had lodged rape complaints against Amitabh with the UPSWC had not approached the police. The UPSWC — though claiming to have recorded the women’s statements — did not direct the police to register a case or send the women for medical examination, which is a mandatory step. The couple said there were reasons to believe the UPSWC and its members were helping those trying to implicate Amitabh in the rape case.

I don’t know if the minister knows how to count 900 crore, but a whole educational institution can be built for those illiterates or reforming those gangsters, if you add 500 crore, the (ISRO) would have sent another mission to Mars or Venus. To cheat your motherland and to think your family and kin will survive it is worse than killing. If and when facts are proven to be correct against Prajapati then they have blood on their hands. Maybe ISRO should make them a flying saucer and put the whole family on it so they disappear in Space.