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Vaidik-Saeed, Justified Unjustified

lead-vaidikJournalist Ved Prakash Vaidik’s meeting with 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed has evoked mixed reactions from renowned politicians, celebrities and journalists. Speculations are rife over Vaidik’s meeting as people said that there was some political motive behind it. Many supported Vaidik and said that he is a journalist and has right to meet anyone one and interview them. Some others criticized him for meeting such a person who was responsible for the terrorist attack which claimed many innocent lives.

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh had tweeted that whether Vaidik had met Saeed as an envoy of the government or as an envoy of the prime minister. Vaidik nonetheless clarified that he has not become an envoy to the government.

Afternoon Voice asked several journalists to share their opinion about Ved Pratap Vaidik’s meeting with Hafiz Saeed. Here is what they had to say
Prasad Ajgaonkar, Managing Director of Interactive Entertainment said, “I look at it as a positive move, at least there is daylight connect. The BJP government try all options to promote peace before using force against Pakistan. Otherwise soldiers will die at the border and all those who are in favour of war will be sitting in their living rooms watching Pakistani serials!!!”

Nitesh Dubey, a Media Graduate said, “He is an independent Journalist and has right to interview anyone. There is no need to blow this issue out of proportion. For India, Hafiz Saeed is a terrorist but for Pakistan he is a tax-paying citizen.”

Paras Ashiyani, a grocer from Andheri said, “Vaidik should avoid meeting a terrorist who is responsible for the gruesome terror attack. He should assist the security agency to nab Saeed”

arun-LohanArun Lohan, a student from IIT Roorkee said, “Strict action should be taken against Saeed. A probe must be conducted in this matter and punish Saeed if he has issued any anti-India statements.”

Dev Saxena said, “Irresponsible and immature step has provided Vaidik some media visibility. Beyond this Mr. Vedic’s meeting has no significance.”

devendra sharmaDevendra Sharma a BJP worker said, “Mr. Vaidik is an Indian citizen and I am sure he is well aware that Hafiz Sayeed has planned the 26/11 terror attacks. The manner in which he addre-ssed the Indian Prime Minister is not justified.”

Siddharth-MurarkaSiddharth Murarka, a lawyer by profession said, “Journalism is a pillar of democracy. Vaidik has a right to meet anyone and Congress is simply making a huge hue and cry out of this issue.”

BaggaTajinderpal Singh Bagga, President of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena said, “He should not become a self-appointed theke-dar. His interview is trying to portray the better image of Hafiz Saeed.”

Ramesh-SolankiRamesh Solanki, Shiv Sena IT Cell Member said, “It is absolutely unacceptable. Ved Pratap Vaidik has hurt the sentiments of Mumbaikars and Indians.”

Neeraj Arya, Business Development Manager at Spice Hotspot said,” It is like a Chankya neeti. Atleast someone is aware of where Saeed lives. The Congress has stopped calling Hafiz ‘shree’ anymore.”

Satyanarayan Kabra, letter writer said, “Congress has said that Vaidik met Saeed as an envoy of the BJP government. Vaidik met Saeed as a Pakistani journalist asked him to do so.”

manmohan-singhManmohan Singh, writer said, “I am an anti-BJP person and don’t like Mr. Vaidik. Since he was visiting Pakistan as a journalist so we must give him the benefit of doubt and believe that he met Hafiz Saeed in the capacity of a journalist. Every journalist has a right to meet anybody even if he is a terrorist. In the past, many reporters have met Prabhakaran, Veerappan etc. If Saeed is guilty then action must be taken against him.”

Raju-ParulekarRaju Parulekar, senior Journalist said, “He doesn’t occupy any government post and is an independent Journalist. So we should wait for the report filed by him.”

DSC_1327Vipin Gaur, President of News-paper Association of India said, “This matter must be investigated thoroughly. Vaidik is trying to garner cheap publicity for himself. He is not coming clean with details of his meeting with such a person who is one of India’s most staunch enemies.”

sunil-Singh-JournalistSunil Singh, Senior Journalist from Maharashtra said, “If a Journalist gets opportunity to interview an eminent person then he won’t miss it. Vaidik received an opportunity and performed his job.”

jayprakash-Singh-journalistJaiprakash Singh, senior jour-nalist said, “If Mr Vaidik had met Saeed in the capacity of a journalist then there is nothing wrong in it. But he had met Saeed as an envoy of political party then his motives is likely to be questioned.”

aman-Trikha-SingerAman Trikha, an eminent singer from Bollywood said, “The constitution has granted freedom of speech and expression to every citizen. Mr Vaidik has done his job and now it’s time for the government to take action against him instead of blowing this issue out of proportion.”

Rakhi-SawantActress turned politician Rakhi Sawant said, “What’s wrong if Vaidik had interviewed Saeed? Congress is simply accusing him of going to Pakistan as an envoy of BJP. If the party has any evidence then they should provide it.”

Dr Jacob Thomas said, “Vaidik probably wants cheap publicity at the cost of hundreds of Indian lives that Hafiz has taken. An American would never have done such a shameful deed. They would have gathered all their resources and hunted down and killed the enemy in the manner which they had done with Osama Bin Laden. We should also be following the same strategy instead of interacting with him and having tea.”

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