Monday, August 2, 2021
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Water pipeline bursts in Bandra

One more case of negligence resulted in burst of water pipeline in Bandra.  This is due to an old pipe burst and that caused wastage of over 20 lakh litres of water. Since proper maintenance were not undertaken to repair the old pipelines in the city we lost huge resource of water in a big city like Mumbai. Such incidents of pipe burst is taking place quite frequently in the metropolis. When you stay in high rise building drawing water from the ground is highly impossible. Water wastage is to be prevented at all levels. BMC should take proper care of the pipelines of water supply and prevent wastage. Commercial capital require huge stock of water and repeated bursting of pipelines in the recent months is sending millions of litres of usable water down the drain and causing hardships to people. The civic body needs to work on war footing to replace the old pipelines and plug the leakage at focal points to save water from going waste. People on their part should play a pivotal role in saving water for emergency through rain water harvesting as Mumbai receives maximum rain fall during monsoon season. It is high time to save water.

Anandambal Subbu

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