Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Welcome rains

When Mumbai and suburbs were reeling under sweltering heat, city gets its first rains and it is a welcome change in weather in the metro. But meteorological department predicts that the monsoon rains is still some weeks away and hence the humid condition will continue for some more time. Summer has been particularly harsh this year with temperatures touching the 40 degrees mark in any many areas of the state. The weather in the metropolis too has been hot and humid. It is believed that the first rains will not bring down the temperature appreciably and we may face more hot weather in the days to come. It has been a curse for a fortnight after the enjoyable and extended winter season. Wait till May end to find the exact monsoon position as the rainy season begin in the first week of June every year. It is indeed a welcome rain in the mid of May and raise the hopes for an early monsoon season this year. Better carry on your umbrella or else you will be caught unawares in the street totally drenched.

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