Friday, June 18, 2021
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What a pity?

At least 1,800 primary schools remained closed in Delhi on Saturday due to alarming levels of air pollution in the national capital. The air in Delhi is not suitable for breathing as the pollutant levels in the air have crossed the safe limit by 12 times. Air pollution in Delhi has shot up to alarming levels since October 30, when the Diwali festivities caused the city to be enveloped in thick brown smog. The decision of the authorities to close municipality schools came after scientists warned of severe health problems for children who are being forced to attend school. The shutdown is likely to affect more than 9 lakh children studying in the schools run by Delhi municipality. The data also states that PM 2.5 in the air was recorded 13 times higher than the safe limit. Health authorities say that the elevation of the level of these harmful particles in the air can cause lung diseases if one is exposed for a long period of time.

Nickil Krishnan Maniam 

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