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What authority VHP has?

Aajan-LeadThe Muslim community is unhappy with the proposal put forward by Vishwa Hindu Parishad for imposing a ban on the usage of loudspeakers in mosques across Maharashtra. According to Muslims, such act will hurt the religious sentiments of the community. They are also terming it as a political stunt to create a rift in the society. Being a secular nation every citizen has the right to follow any religion.

RayeenWhen AV spoke to Nizamuddin Rayeen spokeperson MRCC he said, “This is not the matter of Congress or me. There are laws and regulations which need to be followed. The government had given the permission to the Mosque to use loudspeakers for Azaan before 6 in the morning. And the Mosque does not play songs as it is a religious prayer. The Indian constitution has given everyone the right to perform their religious rituals.”

“Who is VHP or RSS to issue orders to the government? They are Hindu Extremist Organizations and have been indulging in such acts. If these organizations attempt to divide India or target any religion then Congress will file a complaint with the police” he added.

Javed Shroff former Chairman of Maulana Azad Minorities Financial Development Corporation and general secretary of Mumbai Regional Congress Committee said, “Azaan has been practised prior to the Independence of India through loudspeakers. Nobody should hurt anybody’s religious sentiments. Such issues should not be raised to derive political mileage. It’s a mere political gimmick to create tension in the state.”

Javed Ahmed Khan, Vice President, Maharashtra BJP minority morcha said, “If the government accepts this proposal then it will hurt the religious sentiments of people. However, the government should set guidelines pertaining to the permissible noise level of loudspeakers.”

“If any outfit has put forward this proposal then we will appeal to the government to reject it. However, if the government goes ahead then as a true Muslim we will protest against it.”

Aziz Shaikh an engineering student from Andheri (E) said, “We offer prayers five times a day. The main purpose behind the loud announcements of Arzaan in every mosque is to make available to everyone an easily intelligible summary of Islamic belief.”

“Most of the people tend to worship only when they face hardships. This practice is followed to ensure that everyone spares some time for worshipping. In the end, all your good deeds and love towards Almighty will be counted on the day of judgement and not your money” added Shaikh.

The VHP claims that the sound of azaan is a major cause of noise pollution and will request the State government to implement laws curbing the use of loudspeakers in mosques.

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