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Where Are We Heading To?

India is a very big country, with immense diversities. Considering this, we are doing quite well. We have lot of patience and resilience. We are like the ants. We drop what we are carrying but proceed ahead again after picking it up. Take the example of shock created by note ban. The term ‘demonetisation’ has become a household name since the government pulled the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes out of circulation.

Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s decision to scrap high value notes had created a shortage of cash in the system, leading to a lot of discomfort for the general public and businesses. Also, with a shortage of newly printed Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes, the situation got worsened. The move also led to a shortage of lower denomination notes such as Rs 100 and Rs 50 that are still legal tender, as people have taken to conserving whatever cash they have in hand. But we Indians picked up the pieces and started on our way again. That defines an average Indian who gets hurt but smiles and proclaims that “all is well “.

Our private schools and colleges have amassed too much money but quality of education has not been commensurate. See the Ryan school murder case as an example. How disturbing it is. In September, a 7-year-old student was brutally murdered inside the premises of Ryan International School in Haryana’s Gurgaon. The police initially arrested a bus conductor who reportedly attempted sexual assault before slitting the victim’s throat. But now, the accused 16-year-old class 11 student has brought a new twist in the tale.

Our common people are good, super rich are bad. Government must take corrective measures here. Our politicians are also bad. I was just listening that Yogiji is getting his office painted “bhagwa”. Why not white?

Our industrial production will never pick up unless we provide realistic training to our work force. How many times I pleaded to bring in lot of foreign technicians. Our doctors are very good. We must enhance medical tourism. We have experience in horticulture. So we must improve here and export more. Earlier I talked about textiles and shoes. Our government must take urgent measures to control population. Maharashtra’s Transport Minister himself said that we have too many big cars but, sadly he can’t do anything about it. Look at the situation in Delhi. Sustained work is required in such matters.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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