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Wind Mill-The need of the hour

Maharashtra state is finding it difficult to cater to the needs of Power requirement by the residents and frequent power cuts in this node is a cause of worry. Even though the real estate price goes up in Mumbai, the people going for flats in these areas have two minds whether to remain in Mumbai, where there is continuous power supply or move through greener pastures so that they can enjoy spacious flats at a cheaper price. Electrical Power is the cause of worry, which can be solved by installing Wind Mill for the Common Area Power and for the residential requirement as per individual consumption.

Considering current energy scenario, there is tremendous amount of crisis in urban as well as rural areas. The electricity produced from conventional sources does not reach many parts of our country and there is load shedding being forced in areas in and around Mumbai. The major reason for the vast difference in energy supply and demand is due to the fossil fuels depleting at very high rate and very high and luxurious living standards. There is a need to harness a renewable energy sources to meet the energy demands.

The resources like SOLAR (PV as well Thermal) Wind, Bio-gas etc. are being used to convert it to electrical energy and other form of energy. Even though there are already large winds farms placed in and around the world which are being used to provide electrical energy to grid, good, economical, robust, highly reliable smaller wind turbines which will play a major role in conservation of energy. This standalone system will reduce a load on State Electricity Board. Wind, a clean energy source will also contribute in carbon emission reduction.

The SUP micro-wind turbine consists of the Blade, Permanent magnet Generator, Tail Vane Mechanism, Tower structure along with wire rope, Battery Charging system along with Inverter Battery Bank etc. The free flowing wind energy is captured by wind rotor composed of FRP blades. This mechanical energy is given to Axial based PM generator which give the 3 phase electrical output. The generator is direct driven and eliminates the gear boxes.  The three phase output from the generator is give to the Battery Bank charging system where it is converted to DC so as to store it in the Battery Banks with the help of DC-DC converter.

This stored energy can be utilized directly with the help of an inverter depending upon the electrical load, whether it is AC or DC load. The inverter does the function of inversion from DC to AC. The output from the inverter is standard 1-phase, 230 volt. The micro-wind turbine is placed on the tower-top of the guyed wire-support based tower. The height of the tower is decided on the site conditions.

Instead of just feeling the pinch of shortage of Power we can think in terms of going for alternative Power supply and both Solar energy and Wind Mill energy play a pivotal role in reducing the Power tariff and help you to plan your power requirement.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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