Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Worth a homage

Black Friday stampede has created awareness and the homage to the people, who died in the freak accident worth many more candles to remember the lost souls. The lesson is well and truly taken. We all fully agree that basic facilities are necessary. But we also feel basic self-discipline is also equally necessary. All happened in a sudden rush of blood. It starts raining and no one is ready to come out of the station as no one wants to get wet. In the wake of selfish attitude dear lives were lost. Railways have stepped up measures to prune up the working methods. The minister has promised to cut red tape for safety and it is a right step in the right direction. Instead of just brushing aside the loss of lives as a human error, the railway ministry is bent upon improving the local services. This year’s rain in Mumbai has caused lot of damages from falling trees to falling old buildings, manhole taking lives; the calamities have taken dear lives at one point or the other. The stampede is yet another place were causalities swelled due to public creating panic for their own comfort. There is far reaching cries that we do not want bullet trains but we do not want Shivaji statues as well. We look forward for basic needs and nothing else.

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