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A 7-year-old girl asked Google for a job – and got a personal response from CEO Sundar Pichai

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Dear Google AV

A UK-based seven-year-old Chloe Bridgewater applied to Google in hopes of working with the search giant. Little did she know, she would receive a personal response from the CEO of the company, Sundar Pichai himself.

Bridgewater’s letter was handwritten directed to ‘the Google Boss’, upon the encouragement of her father. Chloe became interested in Google recently when she asked her dad, Andy Bridgewater, of the ideal place to work. He told her that Google would be ideal as it’s known for its ‘world-famous perks and cutting-edge work.’ Furthermore, she learned that the office had bean bag chairs, go karts, and slides, things that no doubt added to her intrigue.

Chloe was naturally delighted to receive a response, her father Andy Bridgewater said in a post on LinkedIn that has gone viral. In the post, he wrote that it was a much-needed confidence booster for Chloe, who was “knocked down” by a car years ago.

Chloe’s interest in working with Google began when she asked her father where his ideal place to work would be. “And I said, ‘oh, Google would be a nice place to work,” Andy was reported by Business Insider as saying. Chloe’s enthusiasm to work for Google has only increased since she received a personal response from Pichai.

In his response, Pichai thanked Chloe for writing to Google and further encouraged her to pursue her dreams. “I think if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to — from working at Google to swimming in the Olympics,” Pichai wrote.

And instead of rejecting her application, he added, “I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school. :)”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded by saying that he hoped that she would continue to work hard and follow her dreams. “Thank you so much for your letter. I’m glad that you like robots and computers, and hope that you will continue to learn about technology,” he wrote.

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