A day before CBSE class 12 Board exams, Physics question paper leaked on Facebook


Class 12 students in Indore have demanded taking re-examination of CBSE Physics paper after the question papers were allegedly leaked a day before the test on social-networking site Facebook. The students’ anger came out after only Manipur schools declared holding re-examinations.

The exam papers were leaked on March 4, a day before the exams were scheduled. The set number of the paper was leaked on Facebook in Manipur. As the reports surfaced, CBSE announced that re-examination of the Physics paper will be held at all Manipur centres on April 2.

Students in Indore claimed that they worked day and night for the examinations and appeared to take the paper not knowing that some other students had already seen the question paper a day before on Facebook and were likely to score more than them.

Hence they demanded that re-examination should not only take place in Manipur, but across India. “We will protest till our demands are met,” they said.