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Ban Chinese food stalls: Narayan Pawar

Most of these stalls use ‘Ajinomoto’ and third grade sauces in every Chinese dish which is harmful for the health.

ChineseNarayan Pawar a Congress corporator from Thane wants a ban to be imposed on Chinese food stalls. According to him, people having food from road side stalls are prone to diseases. Since food is prepared in unhygienic condition Pawar wants these stalls to shut down. Mumbaikars too supported the stand taken by Pawar. Most of these stalls are operating illegally and also pay hefty bribes to the cops for the smooth running of their business. Chinese food stalls have already mushroomed across Thane and Mumbai. Most of them are compromising about the health of the people.

Since these stalls are offering cheap food as compared to hotels hence people visit them regularly. Most of these stalls use ‘Ajinomoto’ in every Chinese dish which is harmful for the health.

‘Ajinomoto’ contains Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), which is a chemical and addictive too. If you consume eatables containing MSG once, you tend to get addicted towards it and will have it on a regular basis. Ajinomoto is a Japan based manufacturing company founded in the year 1907 and is used widely throughout the world; India alone imports 5000 metric tonnes of ‘ajinomoto’ per year.

As per a study, ‘Ajinomoto’ works as a slow poison; MSG can be a reason for problems like blood pressure, thyroid issues, diabetes, asthma, food allergies and obesity. Not only Chinese but MGS is added in Ready to eat food packets, dehydrated soup packets, dehydrated gravy packets, instant noodles and cup noodles. Many parents tend to offer Chinese food to their children but they should totally avoid the consumption of MSG. Even small children should stay away from consumption of MSG.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has also stated at times, that ‘Ajinomoto’ is used in Chinese food, but it is not necessary to be used for making Chinese. There are other ingredients such as Besan and rice flour, which can be used instead of ‘Ajinomoto’ for thickening gravy dishes. An expert study has stated that the amount of ajinomoto in a dish should not exceed above 150 milligram but it always exceeds above 200 milligram in the dishes prepared at the Chinese stalls”.

Narayan-Pawar“We have inquired that all major Chinese restaurants and others have an alternate method for preparing Chinese instead of using the acidic ‘Ajinomoto’,” said Narayan Pawar, Corporator from Thane.

“It’s a minor step to prevent stalls from using this acidic ingredient. We are keeping a vigil on all hoteliers and restaurant chains using this acidic ingredient for Chinese dishes,” he added.

“I am planning to write to my seniors within party and also to Health Minister on this matter. My friend Ram Hegde’s son is suffering from Cancer after he became an addict of Chinese food,” he added.

Tejas-Kamble“I think having Chinese food from outside is never safe, but people can definitely prepare this food at their home without using acidic ingredients or sauces, said Tejas Kamble a Photojournalist.

Vaibhav-Gurav-1“I think not all stalls are unhygienic. If they are offered an alternative to ‘ajinomoto’ I believe they will stop using the latter. Because there are many people whose livelihood are dependent on these stalls. If these stalls are banned they will become unemployed,” said Vaibhav Gurav who loves Chinese food.

Kamini-Pandre“I think apart from ‘ajinomoto’ these stalls should be banned, there is no tab on the oil they use. The vessels are washed with the same water multiple times, as the situation becomes worst during monsoon season, when diseases are rising. Many children are unaware about the side effects of Chinese food and continue to enjoy it without worrying about their health,” said Kamini Pandre, a Kandivali resident.

“People can always visit reputed restaurant for having authentic Chinese food. Mostly these stalls act as a hub for drunken people, and those creating nuisance,” said Roopam Oberoi, BMM student.

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