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Chhota Rajan suffering from kidney ailment?

The Indian Intelligence agencies revealed that Rajan’s health has deteriorated which makes him weak to travel from one destination to the other.

Chhota-rajan-Underworld don Chhota Rajan who was arrested in Bali by Indonesia police was not keeping well since a long time and is suffering from serious kidney ailment. Highly placed sources from the Indian Intelligence agencies revealed that Rajan’s health has deteriorated which makes him weak to travel from one destination to the other. The Indian government is trying to nab gangster Dawood Ibrahim after Rajan’s arrest. Rajan’s gang has been keeping an eye on the movement of Dawood Ibrahim. The current regime is hoping to get crucial evidence on global terrorist Dawood and his activities through ailing Rajan who is struggling to escape from his rival gangs.

Notably, in September 2000, Dawood’s men led by Chhota Shakeel tracked down Chhota Rajan to a hotel room in Bangkok. Posing as pizza delivery boys, they opened fire at him. A stunned Chhota Rajan jumped out of the hotel’s first floor room and escaped but was seriously injured in the fall, breaking his back. But he survived and slipped out of Thailand.

Rajan was a key aide of Dawood but he parted ways with latter after the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts. Differences between the both had arisen after Dawood henchman Subhash Thakur killed three Chhota Rajan groupies. After the bomb blasts even the Mumbai underworld was divided on religious lines as Chhota Rajan positioned himself as a Hindu gangster. To demonstrate his claims of being a Hindu don, Rajan threatened to kill those accused of engineering the Bombay bomb blasts.

Few months back, there were reports of Rajan kidney’s failing and him being rushed to a coastal hospital and also reportedly going through a transplant which failed. As per reports, Rajan is constantly going through kidney dialysis and therefore the gangster has purchased an expensive miniature dialysis device which is belted across his stomach throughout his long distance travels.

“Rajan is definitely not fit and has a lot of health complications, he has also gone under knife several times post the attack on him in Bangkok in 2000. One of the six bullets had brushed his vital organs too resulting to a transplant too,” confirms a source from the Intelligence agency.

Even as these reports have been doing the rounds, there is one theory that the arrest may have been stage-managed by Rajan himself as he wanted to return to India due to his ill health and feared being killed by rival Chhota Shakeel.

“By December 2014, Rajan virtually had no members in his gang. He was in touch with some people from Uttar Pradesh and other states to get men for any job temporarily. He was finished as a ganglord,” said an official who had been tracking Rajan’s movements.

The Intelligence Bureau and particularly the Research Analysis Wing (RAW), have in the past used Rajan against Dawood.

Born into a Marathi family in Mumbai, Rajan Nikalaje grew up in the lower middle class locality of Tilaknagar in Chembur, a suburb in central Mumbai. It is alleged that selective police action against the Dawood gangsters during the Shiv Sena regime and their elimination in encounters helped strengthen Rajan’s position, just as Dawood himself had benefitted in the 1980s.

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