Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Chidambaram looking for an escape route

Congress leader P. Chidambaram is on the dock for wrong reasons and now he is looking for an escape route to come free in Ishrat affidavit case. Congress Ministers faced charges and the Government faced ticklish situation and lost the 2014 elections to BJP for all the misdoings. Chidambaram was shifted from home Ministry to Finance Ministry as he was non performer and tried to hide many cases of National importance during his regime as Home Minister. Ishrat Jahan link is haunting him for some time and he is now attempting to deny signing the affidavit as he would try to remove his name from controversy.  Jahan’s case was discussed in Lok Sabha with BJP members alleging four documents pertaining to the case had been vanished to avoid any accountability in the Ishrat affidavit episode. The authenticated document signed by Chidambaram was the missing document and now the case has become highly mysterious. After 2 G, Coal, CWG scams, Ishrat Jahan case is one more bad mark in Congress rule and it is time to go into the details and punish all the erring members for the lapse on their part for changing and now not making the document available for a thorough investigation.


Jayanthy S. Maniam

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