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Congress questions Modi’s stand on ‘intolerance’, says PM is embarrassing India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is embarrassing India by repeatedly saying in foreign capitals that the country enjoyed no credibility till he came to power, the Congress said on Friday.

“We completely reject his claim that he has restored India’s credibility,” Congress leader Anand Sharma said, on the second day of Modi’s visit to Britain.

He said Modi’s claim implied that India had no credibility earlier and the world did not respect India before Modi took power in May 2014.

“By repeating this thing over and over again in capitals that he visits, he is embarrassing the country.

“India had respect, India had credibility and India was one of the most favoured destinations for FDI because of government policies” even earlier, Sharma said.

The Congress leader alleged that there is an atmosphere of fear in India today, and the whole blame for this lay on the Prime Minister.

“The PM presides over a government which is arbitrary in functioning. The PM is authoritarian when it comes to the conduct of the affairs of the state.

“It is his government which has sullied India’s image as a favoured destination because of forces which have been unleashed and which have been given protection and endorsement by Modi,” Sharma said.

Stop hypocrisy on intolerance, Congress tells Modi.

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