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‘Convicts, undertrails not to be categorised as BPL persons’

The Maharashtra government said all convicts and under-trails lodged in different prisons in the state will not be categorised as persons living below poverty line (BPL).

Only those who came from BPL families before start of their jail term will continue to remain in the said category.

According to a Government Resolution (GR), convicts coming from BPL families and facing jail term of over one year will not be considered as BPL persons.

No RTI fee is required to be paid by any citizen who is below poverty line. The issue of whether to consider under-trials and convicts under BPL was under government’s consideration.

“The opinion of Law and Judiciary department was sought. Both Law and Judiciary as well as Home department felt it would not be proper to consider all convicts and under-trials as BPL,” the GR said.

A person with monthly per capita income of less than Rs. 591.75 in urban areas is considered under BPL while in rural areas family having yellow ration card is considered in the said category.

As per the GR, the Public Information officers can take decision on RTI queries of convicts and under-trials taking into consideration the income and proof submitted regarding BPL status.

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