Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Court’s finally clear Narsingh Yadav to represent India at Rio!

Sanity finally prevails as the Delhi HC quashes wrestler Sushil Kumar’s plea for a trial against Narsingh Yadav to decide on a berth for Rio Olympics. Sushil Kumar is the best Indian wrestler in his category but should accept the fact that he was not fully prepared and fit for the Olympics due to his injury and treatment. The media and the people should not put undue pressure on his successor Narsingh for a medal who I am sure would give off his best at the Games.

Also, courts don’t decide sporting berths and it was fitting to send Narsingh for the Rio Olympics as he had secured the berth in his category for Rio due to his performance at international meets. Sushil should now forget about the unpleasantness of the last few weeks and work with Narsingh by giving him vital tips to win a medal at the games. Olympics are about national pride and Sushil Kumar could even be sent as a coach or manager to Narsingh to help India win a wrestling medal at the games.

S.N. Kabra

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