Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Demoralising’ demonetisation

As we all know very well since the past numerous years that the root cause of black money is corruption, also known as bribe. We all have also gone through the bitter, repeated experiences that a single paper or a file ‘does not move’ even from one table to the other, in all the government and semi-government offices, banks, public and private sector companies, private and public hospitals, railway stations, airports, ports, harbours etc. without bribe (read corruption). By the way, do you remember the sarcastic TV serial ‘Office Office?’ Though all these facts are known very well to all the political leaders and their respective parties, they all are creating unwanted hue and cry over the ‘people’s suffering’ on account of long queues. In fact, people also prefer to stand and wait in queues just for few days, because they all are very well aware that after these few days they all will be free from the nasty misrule of corruption leading to the anti-national menace black money in terms of trillions of rupees forever. Demonetisation drive has ‘demoralised’ all the power greedy politicians. Foes TMC and Left have come together. Shiv Sena is speaking the language of its arch rival Congress. Arvind Kejriwal has joined this power greedy group without taking pro-nation and pro-people advice from his guru and the world famous anti-graft Gandhian Anna Hazare. Even Anna must be extremely happy with the bold step taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to eliminate corruption and black money.

Hansraj Bhat  

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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