Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Dope test failure by Narsingh Yadav

Doping controversy continue to haunt Indian sportsmen as wrestler Narsingh Yadav failed doping test and his Rio dreams dashed to the dust. In our local events these wrestlers try to overdo something special by taking banned substances to improve their performance before National Games. For some time these wrestlers go scot free and now face music in Olympics.  In the hope of improving their performances every time wrestlers consume energy boosting substance, which carried banned substances like steroids and still escaped being punished for the major offence.  It has become a major International embarrassment not only to a particular sports personality but to the entire country as a whole. It is indeed a shameful act on the part of the Government to let loose these athletes and go slow on this aspect and buy time for initiating steps against serial offenders. Mostly wrestlers are trying all their tricks up their sleeves to make sure that they touch the qualifying mark and rest assured a berth for the World Championship. Now that the controversial selection of Narsingh Yadav came in open and he faces suspension from all competitions.

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