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EC apologises to Mumbaikars after lakhs of names missing from voters list

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After Pune, where as many as one lakh names of electors with ID cards were missing from the voters list, now there are reports that over two lakhs Mumbaikars couldn’t cast their vote in polling as their names were not on the voters list.

In Mumbai, where polling was recorded at 56 per cent after a late surge of voters, several voters including HDFC chairman Deepak Parakh and Noted jurist Ram Jethmalani, complained after didn’t find their names at the polling booths in the city where voting was held for six Lok Sabha seats in the sixth phase of General Elections.

Mumbai residents, who turned up to cast their ballot, complained that they were denied to voting after the poll officials told that their names were not on the list available at their respective polling booths.

Meanwhile, Election Commissioner HS Brahma has apologised while admitting that it was a lapse on their part. “I apologise that many Mumbaikars were not able to vote due to missing name. It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone’s name is on the voters list, we will try to rectify the mistake as soon as possible,” he said.

What was called dismal turnout in the early hours of polling in the metropolis Mumbai was seen remarkable turnaround in the last 25 years as the city recorded the highest percentage of voters since 1991.

In Pune, polling was marred by faulty Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) at a booth and over one lakh missing names from the voters list.

Angry Pune voters had boycotted the elections for nearly three hours before frantic election officials ordered a replacement EVM and resumed voting.

An average 61.7 per cent voting in 19 Lok Sabha constituencies was registered in the second phase of polling in Maharashtra.

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