Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Eradicate social evils of the society

Dussehra festival has a lot of significance in our lives as it is a victory of good over evil. Ravan who is the ‘avatar’ of evil is put to flames on Dussehra day as a mark of solidarity over oneness and peace, what about the real evils prevailing in our society?¬† Today, we have more ‘Ravans’ (Evil) than ‘Ram’ (good) in our society. Unemployment, rapes and molestation, murders and killings, inflation, corruption,¬†pollution etc are the evils ( Ravans) of the society but sadly nothing is being done to win over such evils which are on the rise each passing day. Dussehra festival has no meaning if the evils of the society is not eradicated and high time we finish all the aspects mentioned above which are more dangerous than the Ravans of our mythological history. Victory over the bad and evil things in real life would please Durga Ma (Almighty) more than the killing of Ravan which today has lost significance as he has undergone a cosmetic change and is known by different names and forms around us!

S.N. Kabra

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