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Extempore speech by Modi

It is indeed a commendable job by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to play India-US symphony in a most effective way at the US Congress. His oratorical skills came open and he came out trumps even raising the eye-brows of his own critics in Congress and in AAP. He mesmerised the audience at the joint sitting of the US Congress in Capitol Hill and made his mind clear in projecting image of India with his most effective and efficient deliveries. Besides his oratorical skills is another important reason for him getting repeated standing ovation is the English language he used to deliver in his speech. Had he spoke in Hindi, it would have sounded Greek and Latin to his audience and his great speech would have gone unnoticed and denied of the accolades he now rightly received.

Prime Minister Modi’s recent trip has come across unprecedented success and it will be seen as a glorious phase of the country’s future in economic stability and a more secured living by our country men. Inclusion of India in Millie Technology Control Regime (MTCR), will make India a prominent missile manufacturing nation. US, Switzerland and Mexico support to India’s bid for Nuclear Supplier Group reflects Modi’s great diplomatic skills. Further, Modi’s meeting with CEO’s of 20 prominent countries will result in huge investments in the country opening vistas of employment and development of the country.

Our Honourable PM’s extempore speech is commendable, humorous, witty and at the same time conveying as well as stressing on the significance of very many issues which are of paramount importance to both the countries and to the world at large. While our PM was welcomed to the stage with a thunderous applause, the dignitaries heard his speech with rapt attention and the Congress gave a nine-time standing ovation to it. This goes to show how much respect he is commanding there. Our PM’s friendly behaviour wins everyone’s confidence and a liking towards him. Let our country grow manifolds under his able leadership uniting the entire world as one with the mantra of progress, peace and prosperity.

Nickhil Mani

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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