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Festivals should be eco-friendly!

The beauty about Indian culture is the rich tradition and festivals we have in our country due to our multi-linguistic society. People irrespective of their religion celebrate each other’s festival with the same fanfare and our unity binds us together which is the reason why people from across the border try to create communal unrest to destabilize our country.

Festivals unite people but sadly they have been commercialized in recent times. The sacredness and sanctity is getting lost in the glitter of money which needs to be avoided at all cost. Noise and din in celebrations too is spoiling the fun and we must remember that Almighty is not deaf and our prayers can even be heard by him if we pray silently. However, we need to curtail celebration by enjoying festivals in oneness and that can happen if we celebrate together than separately in every road or corner. Noise pollution should be curtailed and festivals should be celebrated in eco-friendly manner be it Ganpati, Diwali or for that matter Holi or Dussehra.

Helping the needy and the sick from money saved on celebrations please the Almighty in the true sense than spending crores on unrealistic things where people try to overshadow even the deity with money!

S.N. Kabra

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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