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Finally, ND Tiwari accepts Rohit Shekhar as his son

Ending years of struggle by a son and his mother for honour in the society, senior Congress leader Narayan Dutt Tiwari has finally accepted Rohit Shekhar has his biological son.

Tiwari called Shekhar and his Mother Ujjawala to his residence, Sunday night, and accepted him as his son.

“Main hriday se manta houn ki tum mere bete ho (I accept from my heart that you are my son),” he said.

Tiwari said that he will make it public that Shekhar is his son.

Shekhar had taken Tiwari to court in 2008 wanting to be publicly acknowledged as his son. Rohit said that he was born out a affair between Tiwari and his mother Ujjawala.

Shekhar, in his suit, has sought a decree declaring Tiwari as his biological father. What followed was a protracted legal tussle which eventually led to the court forcing Tiwari to give his DNA sample. The test had proved that he was biologically linked to Tiwari.

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